Lawn Waterproofing Membrane

Lawn Waterproofing Membrane
Product Description

Our Lawn Waterproofing Membrane is a fast restoring item that can be utilized for water submerged in 24 hours. This item can be left revealed and unprotected without danger of harmed from typical use. Our coating is discretionary just for aesthetics purposes. This membrane has been figured as predominant review waterproofing. Our business gives deep rooted insurance to concrete and other workmanship with our Lawn Waterproofing Membrane. After the surface is covered, it is totally impervious by water. You can create the green garden tops you had always wanted with drinking fountains, swimming pools and so forth. This item has a working existence of 20 years.

Polyurethane Waterproofing Membranes are high performance solution to completely seal the surface of concrete and make it impenetrable to water. They are crack bridging, flexible, easy to apply premium product that will last 20 or more years

Price range-    75-125rs. / sq.ft.

Area specified required - 7500sq.ft


Test Standard

Result – Drythane

Result – Competitor

Solid Content (%)

ASTM D 2697



Solvent Content (%)

ASTM D 2697



Adhesion To Concrete

ASTM D 4541

> 300 Psi (2.0 N/mm2)

65 Psi (0.45 N/mm2)

Tensile Strength

ASTM D 412

2,908 Psi (20 N/mm2)

14.50 Psi (0.10 N/mm2)

Elongation @ Break

ASTM D 412

> 50%

> 500%

Hardness (Shore D)

ASTM D 2240



Water Absorption

ASTM D 570
(Para 7.4 Long Term Immersion)


> 5%

Chemical Resistance

ASTM D 570
(30 Day Weight Gain)

10% H2SO4 = 0.26%
30% NaOH = 0.62%
Diesel = 10.8%

Sample Destroyed
Sample Destroyed
Sample Destroyed

Water Vapour Transmission


1.85 gms/M2/day (Average)
0.86 gms/M2/day (Best)

> 5 gms/M2/Day


ASTM D 522

1.50 mm film passes 12 mm mandrel

1.50 mm film passes 12 mm mandrel

Abrasion Resistance
CS-17, 1000gm, 1000 cyl

ASTM D 4060

100 mgs (Weight Loss)

Not tested but visibly very poor


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