Garden Waterproofing Membrane

Garden Waterproofing Membrane
Product Description

The offered Garden Waterproofing Membrane will traverse new splits in the solid and bonds so unequivocally to the surface that pulling off will smash the solid surface. It opposes corruption from daylight, gives a long administration life, and does not require fortification. This is Polyurethane Covering that gives a shading quick and intelligent coat. Our Garden Waterproofing Membrane will give bring down surface temperatures in the building and potential energy reserve funds. All items are climate inviting with no dissolvable or smell amid application. It is non-harmful and reasonable for water submersion.

Polyurethane waterproofing membranes are high performance solution to completely seal the surface of concrete and make it impenetrable to water. They are crack bridging, flexible, easy to apply premium products that provide a 20 plus year life.  

Price range-    75-125rs. / sq.ft.

Area specified required - 7500sq.ft


Test Standard

Result – Drythane

Result – Competitor

Solid Content (%)

ASTM D 2697



Solvent Content (%)

ASTM D 2697



Adhesion To Concrete

ASTM D 4541

> 300 Psi (2.0 N/mm2)

65 Psi (0.45 N/mm2)

Tensile Strength

ASTM D 412

2,908 Psi (20 N/mm2)

14.50 Psi (0.10 N/mm2)

Elongation @ Break

ASTM D 412

> 50%

> 500%

Hardness (Shore D)

ASTM D 2240



Water Absorption

ASTM D 570
(Para 7.4 Long Term Immersion)


> 5%

Chemical Resistance

ASTM D 570
(30 Day Weight Gain)

10% H2SO4 = 0.26%
30% NaOH = 0.62%
Diesel = 10.8%

Sample Destroyed
Sample Destroyed
Sample Destroyed

Water Vapour Transmission


1.85 gms/M2/day (Average)
0.86 gms/M2/day (Best)

> 5 gms/M2/Day


ASTM D 522

1.50 mm film passes 12 mm mandrel

1.50 mm film passes 12 mm mandrel

Abrasion Resistance
CS-17, 1000gm, 1000 cyl

ASTM D 4060

100 mgs (Weight Loss)

Not tested but visibly very poor


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